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1: Do I have to pay for the software?

You do not have to pay for the software. Ngee Ann provides license software to Ngee Ann's students throughout their course of study.

10: What is NPNet password ?

​The NPNet password mentioned on the software guides refer to the Course Registration password on the Acceptance Of Offer letter.

2: Can I install software on another notebook?

Each student can register and install software on ONE notebook only.

3: Do I have to buy notebook from the authorised suppliers before I can download software?

You could purchase notebook from the authorised suppliers or your preferred suppliers. Please ensure that the notebook meets the minimum specifications for your course. Select your course on the Software Download page to view the minimum specifications.

4: I bought my notebook from the authorised supplier. Do I need to download software from the Software Portal?

Please see the instructions on Software Download page.

5: I have an old notebook and I am not sure if it can be used for my course. Can you advise?

You may check if the notebook meets the minimum specifications for your course. Select your course on the Software Download page to view the minimum specifications.

6: My Nursing course does not require a notebook but I have a notebook. Can I still download and install software?

Yes, please see the instructions on Software Download page.

7: I have difficulty with software installation. Where can I get help?

You may write to Please include your name, course and student ID in your email. Refer to Contact Us Page.

8: Where do I get my student number and password to register my notebook?

You may refer to the Acceptance of Offer letter which contains your User ID and password. To view your Acceptance of Offer letter, you need to download mStudent App and tap on "Get Started". 

9: Is there a deadline for us to download software?

If you have broadband access at home, you may like to download and install software on your own. You are strongly encouraged to equip your notebook with the relevant software for your course before the semester begins in April to avoid long wait time. 

View more info on the Software Download page.

Contact us if you need assistance.


plus icon AutoCAD+
AKQ01: It takes a long time to download AutoCAD. What should I do?

Currently, many students are trying to download from the website. You may wish to try again later.

Alternatively, please visit the IT Helpdesk at Blk 27 #01-01 for software installation assistance.

plus icon MS Office+
MSQ01: Do I need to install MS Office since I have bought my notebook from the authorised supplier?

You need to remove the trial version of Office from your notebook. Please download the notebook registration program from the Download page and follow the instructions on how to retrieve the product key and activate Office.

MSQ02: I cannot seem to register using my personal email address. What should I do?

You must register using your Connect Mail account provided by NP. A confirmation email will be sent to your Connect Mail account after you have registered. For more information on Connect Mail account, please refer to IT Services.

MSQ05: When I launch MS Office, it prompts me for the product key. Where can I retrieve the key?

Register your notebook if you have not done so and follow the Office guide to retrieve the product key and activate Office.

MSQ06: When I try to activate Microsoft Office using my email account, it says my email account "isn't associated with this Office product". What should I do?

If you have already retrieved a product key,  launch Microsoft Office and do not enter email account. Instead, click on the blue text "Enter a product key instead". If you do not have a product key, follow the Office guide to retrieve a product key first.

MSQ07: While installing Microsoft Office, a verification email was supposed to be sent to my student email account. I have checked several times. The verification email is still not in my student mailbox. What should I do?

You should receive the verification email from Microsoft site within 10 mins. If you did not receive, please write to or send SMS to 90300263.

MSQ08: My notebook is running 64-bit Windows. Should I install 32-bit or 64-bit Office?

Although the Windows on your notebook is 64-bit, you should install 32-bit Office because some of the software required by your course do not work well with 64-bit Office.

MSQ09: Can I install both 32-bit and 64-bit Office on my notebook?

No. You will encounter error if you try to install both versions on your notebook.

plus icon Notebook registration and software download+
NBQ01: I am unable to register my notebook. What should I enter for Username?

The Username is your NPNet ID provided by NP. 
For example, if your student number is 10134567K, then the username is s10134567.

NBQ02: How do I know whether my notebook is running on 32 or 64 bit Operating System?

You may follow the steps in this guide to find out.

NBQ03: I am using Google Chrome and I seem to have issues downloading the notebook registration or get software program. What should I do?

Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to download and install software.

NBQ05: Can I register a temporary notebook first while waiting for my new notebook?

You may wish to wait till you have purchased your new notebook before your start the software installation. If you have any query, you may write to or send SMS to 90300263.

NBQ06: What is the estimated time taken to install software at NP?

The time taken to install the software depends on the course of study and performance of the notebook.

Excluding the waiting time, the process may take up to 3 hours.

NBQ08: While registering my notebook, I encountered the error "User record not found", what should I do?

Please ensure that your enrolment is completed at least one working day before registering your notebook. For assistance, please write to, providing your student number and contact details.

plus icon Others+
OTQ01: Where is the location for Software Installation on campus? What are the operating hours?

6 Mar - 3 May 2019

Blk 27 #03-00

6 May 2019 onwards

Blk 27 #01-01 (​IT Helpdesk Venue)

Operating Hours is the same for both venue
Mon to Fri: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays

OTQ02: How do I open the zip file that I have downloaded?

You may download and install the freeware 7-zip at and use it to open the zip file. You may refer to this guide for the instruction.

OTQ03: When I tried to open the pdf files, it is blank. What is wrong?

Please use an alternate browser to open the pdf file. If issue persists, you may write to Refer to Contact Us Page.

OTQ06: I have encountered an error "You have access this page in an incorrect sequence, perhaps due to clicking your browser's back button". What should I do?

Restart your system and try to sign in again.

OTQ08: How do I access my NP Connect Mail?

The url for the NP Connect Mail is

Please refer to the email guide for more information.

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