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Why do I need a Notebook?
NP's objective is to enhance the learning process of our students and to add-value to their education. Specifically, the use of the Notebook for learning enables our students to become self-directed learners and IT savvy professionals.

These are important skills and traits for your continued success in increasingly mobile, connected, and IT-infused work and learning environments. Your Notebook experience will prepare you for this.

What can I use the Notebook for?
Your Notebook will enable you to engage in IT-enabled learning s and digital learning environments, both in-class and outside of scheduled class times. This will give you the 'anytime, anywhere' flexibility to work on assignments, surf the internet for information, access module web-sites, participate in online discussion, communicate with your tutors, interact and collaborate with your classmates & project members, create digital content, and much more.

Where in campus can I use the Notebook?
With our wireless network, you can connect and can use your Notebook anytime and anywhere in the campus. You can connect and use your Notebooks in the classrooms, Library, Atrium, canteens and many other open study areas.

Will it be better for me to buy the Notebook from NP authorized suppliers?
If you are accepting financial assistance from NP, you are required to purchase your Notebooks from NP's authorized suppliers.
All other students are also strongly encouraged to purchase your Notebook computer from NP's authorized suppliers as you will enjoy 3 key advantages:
  • Collective Consumer Protection

  • Notebooks with 3-Year Warranty

  • Next Business Day Service

Is there any financial assistance to help me own a Notebook​?
Yes. Depending on your household income, you may be eligible for either:
(i) Interest-free Mobile Computing Loan of up to $2,000 for notebook computers
(ii) Opportunity Fund Subsidy for Notebook

More information is available on the Financial Assistance page.

I already have a Notebook. Do I need to buy another one?
As long as your Notebook complies with your course minimum specifications, you need not buy another one. To find out about the minimum specifications required for your Notebook, click here.

But I already have a personal computer at home...
Yes. The Polytechnic's learning environment enables you to take advantage of the mobility Notebooks provide.
With a Notebook, you can be learning at anytime and from anywhere. You can be doing your assignment or accessing web-based lesson
materials in classes, between classes, and after classes.

Am I entitled to use the software provided by Ngee Ann Polytechnic after I leave the Polytechnic?
No. All software provided by the Polytechnic must be un-installed or removed from your Notebook once you are no longer a student of
Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Can Apple Notebook be used for my course?
Students enrolling into:
  • Film Sound & Video should only purchase Apple Notebook computers.
  • Chinese Media & Communication​Mass Communication​, Media Post-Production, Nursing and Optometry have to own either
    Apple or
     Windows notebook computer.
The reasons for Apple's Mac OS requirement for these courses:
  • The Apple Notebook computer currently offer superior colour representation which is important in the design and development of creative/media products.
  • The creative media industry, for which these diplomas prepare their graduates, is currently, predominantly a Mac OS environment.

Students from ALL other courses are required to own Windows-based Notebook computers as you will be required to run windows-based software provided by your School.

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