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 Loan Privileges & rate of fines | Fines Policy | Library Notices


Library Membership Membership termination/renewals Loss of Membership Card


Library Membership

All students and staff of Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) are members of the Library. The Library is also open to external members under subscription membership schemes or privileged membership. Members are deemed to have read, understood and agree to abide by the Library Loan Rules, Fines Policy and Library Notices.

E-Resources are restricted to registered staff and students of NP only.

Admission and use of Library is strictly for members only.


Membership (Click on the relevant category for the downloadable forms)

Please refer to NP Privacy Statement at



Loan privileges & Rates of fines


  • Staff of the Polytechnic
  • Adjunct lecturers employed by the Polytechnic 

    (Membership is terminated upon expiry of contract)

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Staff - Others

  • Guest lecturer from CET
  • Lecturer teaching SIT @ NP Programmes
  • Contract Staff (on case to case basis upon request)

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All registered full time NP students

  • Students (FT) - Full Time NP Diploma
  • Students (FTE) - Part time NP Diploma enrolled through CET

All registered full time SIT students @ NP

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Student - Others

  • Exchange student
  • Student taking Applied Subject
  • Student taking Advance Elective Module
  • Part-time students on CET approved courses of 4 weeks or longer

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Loan Privileges
& Rate of fines

Annual Subscription Cost

Alumni Membership

Graduates of Ngee Ann  Polytechnic (Diploma & Advanced Diploma programmes)

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$40 *

Corporate Membership

Employees from industry and commerce

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$200 *

Individual Membership

Members of the public

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$200 *

Privileged Membership

  • Senior staff of Singapore government departments and statutory bodies for official needs
  • Full-time teaching staff of tertiary institutions for official needs
  • Librarians from other libraries in Singapore
  • NP staff who have retired (life-long membership)
  • Members of the NP Council

Use of membership must relate to official purposes or work-related. Applicants are required to produce letters from their employers/supervisors/heads of department to support the need for the membership in relation to their work.

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*Fees are subject to GST and are non-refundable.  Application for new membership or membership renewal can be made up to a maximum of 5 years. Payment has to be made in full. There will be no refunds on any fees or part thereof upon early termination of membership.

Membership Instructions  

  • Hard copies may also be obtained from the Library Service Counter
  • Membership Cards will be ready for collection 2 working days after receipt of application. Membership will be cancelled if the card is not collected within one month
  • Members are responsible for all items loaned against their cards. Identification Cards/Membership Cards must be produced upon request by library staff
  • Members must abide by the Library's loan policies ( Loan Privileges & Rates of Fines , Library Loan Rules , Fines Policy and Library Notices )
  • Members must inform the Library immediately of any changes to personal particulars
  • For queries on membership, please call the Service Counter (Tel: 6460 6289) or email to

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Membership Termination/Renewals

Membership for staff is terminated upon resignation. Library will be informed by Human Resource Office on all resignations.

Adjunct staff
Membership for staff will be terminated upon expiry of contract.
Membership for students is terminated once the student withdraws from the course or is dismissed from the Polytechnic.

External Members (Alumni, Corporate, Individual and Privileged Membership)
All external members will be notified on their expiring memberships one month before the expiry date. In order that loan privileges will not be affected, all renewals must be made before the expiry date. There will be no refund of any membership fees or part thereof upon early termination of memberships.

Student - Others/ Staff - Others/ External members (Alumni, Corporate, Individual and Privileged Membership)
Loans out of the Library will be suspended 10 working days before course end date/contract end date/subscription expiry date for clearance purposes.

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Loss of Membership Card
The loss of membership cards must be reported to the Library immediately. Members are responsible for all loans taken out in their names, until such time when a report for lost card is lodged with the Library. The replacement fee for Library issued cards is $8 + GST (only applicable for external members). For the replacement of staff or student card, please report to issuing departments in NP.

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