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Advanced Elective Modules (AEM)

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Applied Learning - The Polytechnic Way
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs) are 30-hour courses in applied topics conducted by NP’s lecturers. Geared towards enhancing the learning experience of students, they feature a higher practical component and more group projects than what students will usually learn from schools.

Students taking these AEMs may participate in field trips, hands-on projects, discussions with industry practitioners and various challenging competitions to test their new-found knowledge and skills.

AEMs are reflected in the School Holistic Report Card and may be considered for polytechnic admission under the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE).

Check out our AEM video and get a glimpse of how applied learning is done in NP across five broad clsuters - business, engineering, information technology, media & design, mathematics & science. You will always find your kind of Xtra in NP!

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This AEM provides students with insights to the practical knowledge & skills in engineering systems & applications that require intelligent electrical controls. Students will be exposed to real-world engineering problems & solutions related to applied electricity. Mini-projects include using switches, transistor, sensors, & programming microcontroller to control devices such as lamps, fans, & motors. To provide students with a better understanding of Electrical Engineering, a briefing on the different specializations & facility tour will be conducted.

Inspired to be an environmental champion? Learn how environmentally-friendly design can be incorporated into buildings to help reduce the negative impact on the environment so as to make our world a better place to live, work & play. Get Inspired!!!
Build Web 2.0 Application
Students will gain an appreciation of Web 2.0 by exploring its fabric, understanding the technologies that support it, & building new applications on it. This provides a stepping stone towards a career in web development.
Want to design a boat, & see it launch into water? Then please join us! We will provide you with the knowledge you need to design a boat, laboratory work to help you get your boat done, & mini-project to help you launch the boat! We also provide field visit for students to have a insight of Marine Industry. At the end of the module, you will be ready to go with the fundamental concepts of naval architecture & your own designed boat!
If you ever wonder how a plane able to fly around the world, you should come for this course. You will discover the fundamental concepts of aerodynamics, physics, forces of flight & aircraft propulsion through numerous hands-on activities & mini projects. You will also get to have physical interactions with our new Falcon 10 aircraft & Airbus 320 flight simulator in NP Aerospace Hub. You too will learn about aerospace job prospects in relation to maintenance repair & overhaul (MRO), airline & the airport sectors in Singapore.
This module provides students with hands-on experience of a full development cycle of an electronic product.  It covers a range of electronic components, basic circuit design, sensors & use of test & measurement equipment. In the process, students learn how to create, think critically & solve problems. Students will build a line-following robot that can detect & track a line on the floor. Concepts taught in secondary schools like Light, Forces & Electricity will come alive as they assemble & test the robot. This experience will help to discover students’ strengths & interests in the engineering sectors.

Fundamentals of Solar & Renewable Energies
The workshop aims to provide the opportunity to acquire engineering knowledge & skills into the various forms of renewable energy technologies through hands-on activities. The hands-on activities will include the design & construction of an Electronic Controller for a Remote-controlled Solar Car & a Simple Wind Machine. In addition, a guided tour & career guidance talk will be organized. The tour will include visits to the engineering laboratories/workshop & Solar House which will enable the students to gain better insight to the knowledge & skills that they will acquire in the electrical engineering course. The career talk will provide the students up-to-date information on the career pathways in the electrical engineering sector.

Home Audio-Visual System
Looking for a career in audio engineer, video editor, sound designer, camera crew or AV system integrator? This AEM is for you. It will equip students with the basic knowledge & practical skills in operating & integrating  audio-visual systems, camera work, sound & video editing through hands-on activities. Hands-on will include building of simple amplifiers, basic video editing, music & sound arrangement, video shooting technique with phone camera & integration of audio-visual systems.

Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuit Technology
This module provides students with an exposure to Microelectronics – the science & technology of extremely small electronics.  Students will learn about the making of integrated circuits which power all electronic gadgets including laptops, mobile phones & game controllers. Basic concepts taught in secondary schools like Light, Electricity & Oxidation will come alive as their application in the fabrication of integrated circuits is demonstrated.  The module requires students to undergo collaborative learning activities, experiential learning sessions & design & simulation exercises. Students will have the opportunity to visit an integrated circuit fabrication facility which will enrich their overall learning experience.

Always wanted to design & customise your own product but not sure how? You will learn how to do so in this hands-on AEM & also get to see your design being 3D printed out right in front of you. Take it home & let your friends & family see your creative & innovative side. Design has always been at the front end of the product creation value chain & many companies are looking for skills in this area.  3D printing in thing in high tech manufacturing now & is changing how parts are being design & manufactured. More & more companies are using 3D printing to create parts that conventional manufacturing processes cannot produce. So what are you waiting for? Come & experience this AEM & immerse yourself in the forefront of technology.

Robots in a Mechatronic World
Robot is a COMPLEX & INTELLIGENT creature made up of so many different parts – MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL & PROGRAMMING! They can do wonder for you, if you know how to CONTROL it. This is also the new focusing area where our government is heading for. Want to know more about the robot? Want to know how to teach & program a robot to do work for you? Come to join Robots in a Mechatronic World! This module provides you with fundamental concepts of mechatronics & robotics. It highlights the main components used in the mechatronic & robotic systems. Interesting laboratory work, hands-on projects & case study are used to enhance your learning.

As Singapore aims to become a Smart Nation, robotics & automation takes centre-staged. Learning about robotics & automation will provide an edge in the leading sector & future career opportunities. This module aims to provide students with opportunities to gain knowledge & skills on the various types of sensors, motors, & smart controller through hands-on activities. Hands-on will include building of a simple robot applications using the Lego MindStorms NXT smart robot.

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An Appreciation & Production of Singapore Chinese Popular Music
Would you like to write your own Chinese lyrics composition & sing it in a recording studio with your peers? Then join this AEM.  You will also have an opportunity to perform your composition in an MTV. Come on board & appreciate the fundamentals of the Singapore Chinese contemporary music scenes, & learn to write Chinese lyrics & understand the different styles of singing techniques. Come & immerse yourself in learning the Chinese language in a fun, engaging & hands-on manner.

Creative Audio Production
Student will work in groups to script, record, direct & produce a 5-minute podcast. The various workshop sessions will also highlight how this audio knowledge can be used in various careers such as social media producers, editors, sound designers, radio producers or technical theater practitioners. Students will learn basic microphone techniques, audio signal flow, usage of audio mixing consoles, audio editing, recording techniques & different audio file formats.

Creative Advertising Design
Learn to design brilliant print adverts. Students will be introduced to the various forms of advertising design, as well as understanding fundamentals of design environment, creativity, research, design planning & production, conceptualization, creative thinking, typography, colors & digital media to express ideas catering to advertising fields. The course will also expose students to different creative tools enabling them to create an effective marketing concept.

Digital Publishing: Designing an iPad Magazine
Learn to design & publish your own digital magazine. By attending this course, you'll be able to create a digital magazine or publication with interactive content, & preview it on a mobile device. The course will cover complete Adobe Indesign workflow from organizing interactive content to publish digital magazine.

Developing Logical Thinking: A Puzzles & Board Game s Approach                                                                                                  Learn through play! Students will develop logical thinking skills as they work through various puzzles, & learn strategy, tactics & decision-making by playing modern board games. They will also experience a team-based system development life cycle by creating their own board game prototype. These skills will be invaluable as we develop a Smart Nation of problem solvers & logical thinkers.

Introduction to Journalism
Are you curious about what goes on around you? Do you ask questions to satisfy your curiosity? & do you enjoy telling stories about real people & situations? If your answer is “Yes!”, then welcome to Introduction to Journalism. Students are taught how news is identified & gathered through research & interviews. They will also learn how information is structured & presented on various platforms – print, online & broadcast. Through this AEM, they will catch a glimpse into the life of a journalist, anchor, editor, producer, news photographer & videographer.

Psychology in Everyday Life
Have you been curious about how psychology is experienced on a daily basis? Want a glimpse into the exciting & intriguing world of psychology? Then join us for a journey into the field of psychology. You will have the chance to see how psychology is applied in our daily lives through the media & our social interactions. Explore how the mind influences your behaviour. Come & see how numbers help make sense of the world.  Experience a journey into darkness in learning more about yourself, & about others. Take that step forward in answering your questions on psychology by immersing yourself in this experience.

This module aims to provide participants with an introduction the training required for a career in animation. Through an understanding of the basic principles, tools & techniques used in both traditional & digital animations, participants will gain insights to how an animation is put together.
The Art of Product Design
Wish to become a top-notch product designer & innovator of lifestyle? Put your thoughts into action by equipping yourself with the knowledge of visual thinking, design & model-making skills.  Your journey begins here!!!

The Radio Experience
Students will learn radio production techniques, on-air presentation skills & broadcast ethics. They will be introduced to the fundamentals of radio production & presentation techniques such as on-air presentation, digital editing skills & optimise vocal strength with proper pronunciation & articulation. This workshop will encourage the students to generate original ideas, & to think creatively about how to communicate them to audiences. Through this AEM, students will learn to present while operating studio controls & coordinating a range of simultaneous technical activities, which will develop in them multi-tasking skills & confidence to work calmly & effectively under pressure.

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This is the perfect module to find out more about the chemical principles & practices involved in the analysis of pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, & plastic polymeric products. It offers hands-on experience in using techniques such as chromatography & spectrophotometry to purify & detect chemicals, & consequently provides students with an understanding of the occupations of laboratory technician & chemist in chemical industry.
Do you want to be a super-hero against invisible chronic diseases that kills? In this AEM, you will learn how to spot the invisible medical enemies that threatens your loved ones. You will get to understand how Hyperlipidemia, Stroke, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, Heart Failure & Asthma are developed & managed. This will enable you to know how to care for a family member with a chronic condition & also cultivating a healthy lifestyle habits for yourselves. There will be an exciting field-visit to the healthcare industry to see patients with chronic diseases as well as have a glimpse of what it means to be a healthcare professionals.
As an optometrist, we not only help in the detecting of common eye diseases but also prescribes contact lenses & spectacles. This module allows students to understand more about their eyes in terms of the different types of refractive errors & how various forms of ophthalmic lenses could be used to correct them. It also provides students with hands on experience to allow students to appreciate the entire process of making their own pair of spectacles. At the end of the AEM, students not only gain knowledge on the different refractive errors but also get to wear & keep the spectacles that they have made. 
Don’t be a helpless bystander. Be the first responder. You will learn in-depth emergency care Heart Attack (Acute Myocardial Infarction), Acute Bleeds & Epileptic Fits. A series of hands-on sessions are designed to encourage active learning with room to deepen your understanding of the management of these conditions. You will get to apply the knowledge & skills learned in a simulated environment & meet the real life patients in a clinical setting. Are you ready to save a life now? If yes, sign up for this AEM!
Don’t want to be standing helplessly while a love one is suffering a cardiac arrest? Or watch a person you care about being slowly consumed by an invisible chronic disease? You can take charge! This module enables you to master the lifesaving skills with real life scenarios. On top of this, you will be taught basic health knowledge such as good body mechanics, vital signs, blood glucose monitoring, bathing an infant, infant assessment & cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Beyond theories & practice, you will also experience what doctors & nurses (or rather -professional lifesavers!) do via the clinical attachment phase. Learn, do & be inspired to be more than you can be!

Microbiology                                                                                                                                                                                            Students will learn interesting lab techniques in microbiology & explore the diverse uses of microbes in industry. It enables students to perform microbiological techniques such as media preparation, microbial isolation & counting, staining & microscopy. Consequently, provides students with an understanding of the occupations of laboratory technician & biologist in microbiological industry.

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Business & Entrepreneurship Essentials
Do you dream of starting your own business? In this AEM, you will learn about the ins & outs of building a business from the ground up through a series of lectures & hands-on projects. To complement your learning, you'll get to meet other successful entrepreneurs & find out how they began. Our experienced trainers will guide you to come up with your unique business idea, build your business plan & finally launch your business at a bazaar held in your school! If you enjoy organising events & hope to be your own boss one day, join us to develop your strengths & abilities in business.

e-Business Dynamics
With 83% of Singapore's population using the internet regularly, shopping online will become as commonplace as physically going to the shop downstairs. Going online also makes it easier for anyone with a product or an idea to start doing business immediately. Through this AEM, you will build your technical know-how & understanding of online business through field visits & developing your personal electronic portfolios. You will find out how successful businesses first started & how they conduct business completely online. By the end of this course, you will understand the fundamentals to start your own online business & how to be successful in the Singapore market.

Fundamentals of Tourism Management
Did you know that the tourism sector is one of the key contributors to Singapore’s economy? Singapore's tourism industry is set to become even more exciting in the future as competition from our neighbouring countries increases. Come find out what is our unique tourism offerings & visit award-winning attractions to understand how they work to bring the best of Singapore to our visitors. If you love being hospitable to new people & making them feel "at home", this module is a perfect complement to put you on the highway to a career in tourism & hospitality.

Business Goes Global with Logistics
Where do your clothes, food, electronic gadgets, & everything else you use on a daily basis come from? You may know where they come from, but do you know how they arrived in Singapore & into your hands? In this exciting AEM, you will be introduced to this innovative & creative industry through field visits & specially-designed hands-on activities. If you have an analytical mind & love solving puzzles, the logistics industry may be just the right career for you! Come find out why the logistics industry is so important to Singapore's success & how you can be a part of making Singapore the world's best logistics hub.

Introduction to Economics and Real Estate
Vision yourself to be a successful businessman or economist in the real estate market. Start by getting the in-sight on how basic economic concepts affect the real estate market in Singapore. Don't just dream, put it in action!!!

Marketing in Action
The success of a product is only as good as its marketing. Without innovative & strategic marketing, brands like Apple & Nike would always remain unknown to the world. In this AEM, you will get to meet industry experts & gain practical marketing insights through hands-on workshops. Field trips will help you visualise how marketing is implemented in a real-life setting, through advertising & other visual methods. You will be taught how to segment the market & position your product. You will be challenged to come out with effective marketing strategies. If you think you are creative & have great communication skills, join us to discover a possible career in the exciting world of marketing.

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