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CQ @ Work

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a critical capability in today’s multi-cultural global business environment, merely being aware of differences in culture is not enough. There is often an inability to communicate effectively across that cultural divide. The exact same message can be perceived in vastly different ways and with entirely different meaning. Through real-world case studies and learner-centered methodologies, students will be sensitized to the challenges of interacting and working in new and unfamiliar settings, be it in organizations on home-ground or in a different country. The take-away from this module is the ability to cope with varied organizational environments and a mind-set ready to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Exploring Contemporary Issues: Business and Society

This module explores political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental issues where business and society intersect in the current context of economic globalisation and industrial revolution. Current issues will be analysed from two different perspectives, first from the point of view of a business corporation or a company, whose primary concern would be whether these issues offer opportunities or pose a challenge to internationalising efforts. Second, from the point of view of society whose well-being and quality of life are profoundly affected by business activities and technological developments affecting the ways companies operate and conduct itself. Students will also learn how businesses can be more socially responsible and propose ways in which business and society can co-exist to enhance the mutual benefits to each other. At the end of this module, students will have a deeper and more holistic understanding of the mutual impacts of business and society in shaping the world we live in today and their underlying issues.

  • Introduction
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business
  • Science & Technology
  • Design
With four exciting categories and numerous interesting modules to choose from, the possibilities are virtually endless! Check out these exciting electives in Arts and Humanities, Business, Design and Science and Technology.

Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities modules are designed to help you think critically and communicate confidently, while developing a broader perspective. You can also enhance your knowledge of other cultures by choosing to learn a foreign language or sink your teeth into various media-related modules.

China: The Global Game Changer

This module aims to ignite students’ passion for China and open their eyes to new realities and the myriad of economic possibilities in China. Students will also be challenged to debunk stereotypes about the Chinese and reassess China in the light of her growth through engaging and interactive activities. At the end of the module, students will be able to identify and articulate key developments in China, particularly in the fields of business, media, IT and engineering and examine the social and environmental impact of these developments.

Please note that International Students from China are not eligible to take this module.

Decoding China: A Cultural Perspective

Since its economic reform in 1978, China has been evolving at a rapid pace. To successfully interact with the Chinese both in a social and business setting, one must understand its history, traditions and customs. More than that, one must be able to appreciate its complex course of development and be sensitive to the changing values and beliefs of the people of China. Through experiential and learner-centered methodologies, this module will equip you with the necessary skills to make observations, analyze information, and construct your own understanding of the deep culture of contemporary China. The take-away is the ability to evaluate multiple perspectives and a mindset ready to adapt to a culture different from your own.

Please note that International Students from China are not eligible to take this module.

Global Cities

This module will introduce you to the economic, social and cultural characteristics of today's global cities. Attention will be paid to their diverse landscapes, from central business districts which are command centres of international commerce, to ethnic neighbourhoods inhabited by immigrants and grim urban slums that house the poor. This module will guide you to reflect critically on the growth and development of global cities spanning different continents.

Television Beyond Entertainment

This module uncovers the processes of behind-the-scenes television production. Through exposure to genres such as television drama, situation comedy, variety shows, MTV, news, documentaries and sports programmes, you will gain a better understanding of how television programmes are made, and become a more critical television viewer.

Understanding Relationships: Love and Sexuality

What does it take to build healthy relationships? This module answers the question in key areas of romantic attachment, sexuality and family. The quality of relationships affects the quality of life. Therefore, understanding the fundamentals of human interaction will impact interpersonal skills for effective living. Students will explore relevant concepts on love, sexuality and relationships. They will also discuss current debates on issues of love and relationships to appreciate how social forces and cultural representations impact understanding of these issues. Through interactive classroom activities, case studies, group presentations and reflection journals, students will learn how to analyse relational problems and many valuable lifelong skills for cultivating meaningful relationships.

Exploring Classical Music

The famous playwright Shakespeare once said, "If music be the food of love; play on." Music is all around us, and touches us in many different ways. Using classical music as a springboard, the module will explore the different genres of RnB, Rock, Jazz and Popular music arrangement on classical music. It will cover areas such as the evolution of music, the instruments, basic composition techniques, as well as music in film, animation and multimedia. Students also get to attend and review a live concert as part of the module experience. No prior training is necessary.

Introduction to Social Psychology

Why do people conform? How does prejudice arise? Why don't people help one another in an accident? How powerful are self-fulfilling prophecies? How do we perceive people? Social psychological concepts help us explain human behaviour even when it’s seemingly irrational. By understanding social psychology, you will be empowered to make sense of social situations that you encounter daily and be equipped to manage interpersonal relations in your private and professional life.

Basic Conversational French

Bonjour! The Eiffel Tower, blue cheese, Cannes film festival, colorful macarons & Champs-Élysées world-class shopping. Have you ever wondered what life in France is really like? Learn French with the School of IS. Besides learning a new language, you will explore France, its rich culture, cuisines and people. At the end of the course, you will be able to use French in simple, everyday transactions - an asset to deal with more than 220 million French speakers worldwide. Did we mention a delightful cheese tasting? Oh là là

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Basic Conversational Korean

Annyeonghaseyo! Don’t you wish you could enjoy K-Pop and Korean movies and drama series in their original language? Learn Korean with the School of IS. You will acquire speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and learn useful vocabulary and grammar patterns needed in everyday conversation. In addition, you will learn to read and write in Hangeul (Korean alphabet). Come explore this colourful language and find out more about the rich Korean culture.

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Basic Conversational Japanese

Konichiwa! You’ve heard it in anime or J-pop and seen it in manga. Now, here’s your chance to learn the language and to say more than just “konichiwa.” You will have fun while acquiring simple vocabulary for basic conversations, and at the end of the module, you will also have an appreciation of Japanese culture. Yokoso!

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Business Etiquette and Image

You gain a competitive edge in the business world when you project a professional image. Learn how to manage your image, develop dress sense, make small talk, impress with good manners and social graces. Using experiential methods, Business Etiquette & Image allows you to apply new skills and knowledge acquired each week.

Self Expression: Drama and Poetry

Write a poem or a short play-script, improvise and act on stage? Is it possible? Yes, if you sign up for SEDP where you will get a taste of contemporary and classic poetry. Learn what impacts the senses of readers and feel the music of words. Also, learn how to craft a play-script and provide stage directions to produce, direct or act in a play.

History of Rock and Roll

This module traces the rise of rock music from its beginnings in 1950s blues music to its continuing influence today. The focus will be on examining and enjoying different genres of rock music. You will discover what influenced and motivated rock artists, including Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.


Driven by globalisation, today's business environment is changing at a dizzying pace and throwing up many challenges to professionals. These modules help you develop the skills needed to thrive in this environment.

Starting a Business (Oct)

Have you always liked the idea of making your own decisions and being in control of your life? You will enjoy such freedom by starting your own business and being a boss! This module provides you with some foundational knowledge in business. You will learn how to identify business opportunities, market your products, run the operations and figure out your finances. Even for those who may not be thinking of embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, this course will be beneficial as it provides insight into how businesses work.

Understanding Financial Statements (Apr)

Join us on a treasure hunt for undervalued companies in the stock market. Whether you are striking it out on your own or doing your own investment, it pays to understand financial jargon and stay ahead of the competition. In this module you will learn basic accounting concepts, key components of the company’s financial statements and the tools and techniques for analysing financial statements. Understanding Financial Statements is particularly useful for aspiring entrepreneurs and/or equity investors.

Science and Technology

Every day, we see huge advances in science and technology that have tremendous implications for the world around us. To help you keep pace with these changes and understand their impact, choose a module from Science and Technology.

Serious Fun with E-Games Design

This module introduces you to the current state of e-games as well as future trends. It uses creative thinking to take you on the design journey from basic idea to detailed game design. You will be exposed to key concepts in electronic game design, be challenged to come up with your own creative ideas and learn the various elements in structuring games. A technical background is not required.

The Life Sciences Revolution

This module will introduce you to the most magical molecule you will ever encounter in your life… DNA! Uncover the mysteries that determine your heritage and define who you are. Learn how knowing your genetic history can save your life. Discover the wonders of cloning and how it has become a part of your life. You will also have the chance to explore the world of genetically modified plants and animals.

Note: All students are required to attend a DNA profiling laboratory session on a Saturday where they will get to extract their own DNA.

Introduction to Data Analytics with Excel

Data is the new oil in the era of the digital economy. Businesses and organisations are increasingly reliant on data to inform strategic decisions to stay ahead of the competition, become more efficient and meet desired goals. Data analytics skills are now deemed as more necessary than ever. This module equips you with skills to prepare, analyse and present data honing your ability to provide insights for informed decision-making. Using Microsoft Excel as a data analytic tool, you will learn how to collect, reference and aggregate data as well as apply basic statistics to describe data and utilise visualisation tools and techniques to present data.

Note: Students who choose this module should have basic knowledge in using Microsoft Excel such as creating and formatting worksheets and performing calculations using simple formulae.

Man and Machines

Are you interested to find out how machines work? Are you keen to design, build and programme your own LEGO robot to perform a specific task? If your answer is “yes”, then this module will definitely interest you! This module begins with an overview of basic engineering principles used in commonly found commercial product design and usage. This is followed by a brief introduction to various types of commercial products for leisure, the home, and the office / industry. To allow you to appreciate how machines work, there will be a 6 weeks project for you to design and build your own LEGO robot to complete three challenging tasks. Overall, this module will attempt to address how machines work, what they do, where they are found and their impact on man and his environment.

Flash Applications

For nearly two decades, Flash Professional has been the standard for producing rich animations on the web. Because of the emergence of HTML5 and demand for animations that leverage web standards, it now incorporates native HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support - Flash Professional is now Adobe Animate CC. Through this module, you will learn to use Adobe Animate CC to create engaging interactive experiences and deliver to audiences across platforms and devices with various web applications.

Understanding Animation

Have you ever wondered what animation is all about? If you have, this module is for you. It gives you a broad introduction to the animation industry, covering the history of animation, how animation is produced, as well as career opportunities. It adopts a hands-on approach to learning, providing you with the opportunity to be creative by producing your own animations using simple drawings and filming with cameras. A talent in drawing is not essential as even simple drawings can come alive when the principles of animation are applied. At the end of the module, you will have a good understanding of how animations are produced and be the proud owner of your very own animation pieces.


Learn about the impact of scale, colour, texture and space in the process of creating something functional and artistically pleasing. You will be guided by experts to understand the principles of design while you experience creating your own masterpiece.

Introduction to Interior Design

This module operates like a design studio/laboratory and makes constant connections to the world we live in. You will participate actively in a communal creative environment of observing, exploring, presenting, critiquing and reviewing interior designs and environments. References to real life projects and site visits will enable you to appreciate how design is transformed into reality. You will also develop a keen sensitivity to design and aesthetics.

Fashion and Design:The Singapore Skin

This module initiates you into the world of fashion and design. You will be guided to develop design concepts that are representative of Singapore through exploring our cultural diversity, iconic landmarks, food, and flora and fauna. Working with patterns/motifs, you will learn to translate concepts and ideas into fashion items/garments that have market potential through various techniques. No prior art training is necessary.

Exploring Art and Design

This hands-on module lets you work with different media such as ink, pencil, charcoal, galvanised wire, paper or clay to produce prints, drawings, collages, paintings and sculptures. The objective is to give you a platform to explore the potential and limits of materials in terms of perspective, spatial depth, pattern and design. You will also discover the synergy between design and artistic sources. No prior art training is necessary. Please be prepared to spend $15 to $20 on individual art materials for this module.

Exploring Photography

This is a hands-on module that covers basic photography skills. You will be taught technical and aesthetic basics, including camera functions, compositions, optical properties, lighting and decisive moments. You will plan & shoot photographs and critique your own work and that of other students.

Note: Your own digital camera is required for this class.

Gamification: Turning Work into Play

This module enables you to apply game strategies and game concepts for gamifying business and consumer processes to achieve pre-determined objectives. You will acquire a broad based understanding of gamification concepts through designing games mechanics & games dynamics, applying the psychology of play, infusing elements of fun and chance, optimizing rewards and incentive systems to be aligned with business or social objectives. You'll get to understand the psychology of play, analyse player demographics, understand gamification success elements and conceptualize gamification strategies for social, consumer & business applications. Case studies cover how some famous consumer brands (eg. Nike, Starbucks, Pepsi, McDonalds, Lufthansa) successfully leveraged on the power of gamification to further achieve brand objectives across various industries ( eg. Food & Beverage, Airlines Mileage, Tourism & Hospitality, Health & Fitness)

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