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IT Newslett for Staff - Oct 2018
for StaffOct 2018

Blackboard Ultra FAQs

MeL was upgraded to Blackboard Ultra on 25 Sep 2018.  OLT has compiled a list of the FAQs to share some of the frequently asked questions and the responses.


Should you have any other queries, please feel free to email to:


Keep Your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Tokens Safely

2FA is designed to provide an extra layer of security when accessing NP’s Intranet services such as VPN.  Majority of staff have opted for Mobile token while a small number had requested for the RSA token.  


Keep your tokens safely as you will not be able to access your electronic services without it.


What to do when you lose your Hard RSA token or your Mobile phone with the Soft Token in it?

Contact Support at 6351 1061 immediately to disable the token.


If you have lost your hard token, please fill in the Loss Asset form from FINNET.


Cross Border Travel Advisory

Staff shall minimise the amount of classified/personal data brought on official overseas travel.  All classified data or personal data shall be stored in encrypted storage eg. notebook with bitlocker enabled or Government authorised storage devices such as the Kanguru or Data Locker thumbdrives in the GovTech Bulk Tender (T) 1462-G.


Some airports impose carry-on restrictions where computers must be checked-in along with the luggage.  For airports without carry-on restrictions, travelers may hand carry their computers onboard.


Official Travels through airports WITHOUT carry-on restrictions

  • Staff shall hand-carry their NICE notebook, 2FA token and authorised portable storage.
  • When clearing customs, keep a watchful eye on your notebook and baggage entering the scanning device.


Official Travels through airports WITH carry-on restrictions

  • The checked in only “Clean notebook”, i.e. notebooks without any classified/ personal data in the local hard disk.  Only 1 month of emails may be cached in the Clean notebook.
  • Hand-carry your portable storage media and/or 2FA hard token (if any).
  • Keep an eye on your bag until is has safely entered the scanning device  when clearing customs.


Please refer to PMO(SNDGO) Circular Minute 8/2018 for more information. Use a WOG notebook to access the Gov intranet.


 EasiShare Usage Tips

When you edit a Microsoft Office document directly from the EasiShare folder, please note that changes are Not Updated into EasiShare until you EXIT/Close the Microsoft Office application.


Saving the file intermittently will not automatically upload the changes to EasiShare. When you Exit the Office application, you will be prompted to overwrite the original document.  Please select “Yes” if you wish to upload the changes to EasiShare.


Having Issue Browsing Websites?

When you have difficulties accessing websites, the fastest way to confirm if it is due to browser incompatibility, is to switch to an alternative browser eg. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.
If the alternative browser fixes the problem then you know the problem is with the previous browser.
Brower issues may sometimes be solved by simply clearing the browser’s cache, cookies and history. You may refer to the relevant links below on how to clear cache.

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